Face Visor is “Liftable”, so no need to take it off when you have to adjust your glasses or have a quick lunch.


Face Visor was created with a universal fit for heads of all shapes & sizes for teenagers and adults. Foam padding on front & back provides a layer of comfort while allowing the Face Visor to sit properly when worn.


The material used is optically clear and will not impact the vision of the wearer. Face visor allow for maintained line-of-sight and an unimpeded workflow.


Face Visor is very light and durable and made to last.


Face Visor can easily be disassembled completely for sanitisation and even easier to reassemble.


Face Visor needs to be lifted to be able to touch the face.

QtyPrice Each
1 - 9R45
10 - 19R40
20 - 99R39
100 - 199R38
200 - 499R37
500 - 999R35
1 000 - 4 999R30
5 000+Please contact Justin: 0826974796 for pricing

What colors can you provide?

Depending on material availability we mainly provide Black, but with some lead time, we can provide other colors. 

Where are you situated?

Magalieksruin, Pretoria

Can I come and pick it up?

Yes, we are in Magalieksruin, Pretoria. Please arrange your order 2 days prior to pick up. Orders above 10 have to be paid upfront via EFT.

Can you courier it?

Yes, we use

What is your lead-time on large qty's

Feel free to contact me: 082 6974 796 (Also available on Whatsapp)

How do I use Face Visor?

Should only be used by 1 individual.
Use a soft cloth/microfibre to clean the complete adjustable visor. Dish detergent/hand sanitiser can be used to clean the shield.
Please avoid using disinfectant aerosol spray, as this could leave a cloudy residue on the shield and impair view.
The Adjustable Visor should be used in conjunction with a face mask & other PPE.
Do not wear if cracked or broken.
Do not use as protection against open flames or sparks


Justin : 0826974796

Location: Magalieskruin, Pretoria